SIG/CR is a special interest group in the Association for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) focused on classification research.

SIG/CR studies the fundamental principles, underlying processes, and analytic constructs of classification schemes and procedures by humans or automata. It is concerned with organizing information, and includes indexing, index construction, indexing language, thesaurus construction, terminology, classification of information in any form, and testing and evaluating the effectiveness of these products. It is also concerned with the ability to develop abstractions from perceived reality. Theoretical emphases include cognition, grouping and organization of groupings, and linguistics.


  • Robert Montoya – Chair
  • Greg Leazer – Chair-Elect
  • Lala Hajibayova – Chair-Outgoing
  • Laura Ridenour – Secretary/Treasurer
  • Chris Holstrom, Katherine Morrison – Social Media Officers
  • Brian Dobreski – Student Outreach/Communications


SIG Classification Research List
Advances in Classification Research Online
Join ASIS&T and SIG/CR


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